Social Studies Websites

Students will find an assortment of links pertaining to Social Studies. 

American Explorers- Read about the brave souls that explored the North America.

Archiving Early America- See "Famous Moments", documents, and people of Early America

Civics On-line- A database of lessons and activities for students, teachers, and parents.

Constitution Center-Using Educational Links, learn about the Constitution's history.

Digital History- Interactive timeline, essays, videos and a reference area with speeches, music, maps, and images.  Play games or watch a movie.

Gold Rush! California, the Untold Stories- Gold Fever, Art of the Gold Rush, Quiz and more!

Gold Rush PBS Interactive- Visit a trail the 49ers traveled.  See what it was like to live during the
gold rush as you make decisions that will effect your future.

Native Americans- You will find games, paper dolls, beadwork and many more interesting things to do related to Native Americans.

Native American Activities- Games, dances, poems and more!

The Roaring Twenties- View maps, read about the issues of the period and the historical figures of the time period.

Time Capsule- Type in a specific date and see highlights including music, politics, TV, movies and the price of goods.

U.S. History: Westward Expansion- View PowerPoint shows of different time periods and activities during the Westward Expansion.

Westward Expansion Timeline- Timeline starts in the year 1800 and ends in 1889.