Social Studies Websites

Students will find an assortment of links pertaining to Social Studies.  There are games and videos that pertain to the fourth and fifth grade Social Studies classes. Provides a database of sites with activities.

American Explorers- Read about the brave souls that explored the North America.

Archiving Early America- See "Famous Moments", documents, and people of Early America

Civics On-line- A database of lessons and activities for students, teachers, and parents.

I know That- Assorted educational games for kids.

Constitution Center-Using Educational Links, learn about the Constitution's history.

Constitution Day- Lessons and activities for the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and various other documents.

Digital History- Interactive timeline, essays, videos and a reference area with speeches, music, maps, and images.  Play games or watch a movie.

Gold Rush! California, the Untold Stories- Gold Fever, Art of the Gold Rush, Quiz and more!

Gold Rush PBS Interactive- Visit a trail the 49ers traveled.  See what it was like to live during the
gold rush as you make decisions that will effect your future.

Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark-Figure out the best trails, what to pack, and direction.

Have Fun with History- View short film clips of different time periods and events.

Native Americans- You will find games, paper dolls, beadwork and many more interesting things to do related to Native Americans.

Native American Activities- Games, dances, poems and more!

Our America- (Scholastic site) Read diary entries, write an entry, design a period room, explore various trails, and on-line activities.

The Roaring Twenties- View maps, read about the issues of the period and the historical figures of the time period.

Time Capsule- Type in a specific date and see highlights including music, politics, TV, movies and the price of goods.

U.S. History: Westward Expansion- View powerpoint shows of different time periods and activitites during the Westward Expansion.

Westward Expansion Timeline- Timeline starts in the year 1800 and ends in 1889.

Worldwide Table Manners- Yes it's true we do not eat with our feet on the table.  But what about eating at Khartoum in Sudan? This is an interactive game with manners that pertain to the whole world.