Art Recipes

Finger Paint
Add food coloring to any one of these to make your own finger paint:

  • wallpaper paste
  • toothpaste
  • vanilla pudding
  • shaving cream
  • hand lotion
  • Vaseline

Make it yourself chalk
-1 cup of plaster of Paris
-1/2 cup of cold water
-Candy or popsicle Molds
-Tempera Paint (powdered is best)

Combine Plaster of Paris, water and tempera paint. The amount of tempera you add will determine how dark the colored chalk will be. Pour the mixture into candy or popsicle molds and let dry. Take the chalk out of molds and use for drawing on the sidewalk. This chalk will be most effective right after taking out of the molds.

  Finger Paint
What you need: 1/4 cup corn starch
2 cups cold water
food coloring

What You Do:
1.     Mix all ingredients in sauce pan, except food coloring.
     Boil until mixture thickens.
     Pour into jars
     Add food coloring.

Non-Baking Clay
-3/4 cup flour
-1/2 cup salt
-1/2 cup cornstarch
-Some warm water and a bowl to mix in.

Mix the flour, salt and cornstarch in bowl. Gently add warm water until the mixture becomes slightly hard. Knead the mixture and create small sculptures. Once dry, you can paint your creations. Try making jewelry like beads or pendants with this clay.

Recycled Markers

Don't throw away those dried up markers!! Instead, use them as paint pens. Let the children dip them into water then "paint" on the paper. Great effect!

Non-Hardening Modeling Clay
-4 cups flour
-1 cup salt
-8 tablespoons salad oil
-7 to 8 tablespoons of water
-food coloring (if desired)

Mix all ingredients together well. Keep in sealed container

Scratch and Sniff Watercolor Paint
-1 Tablespoon powdered drink mix (unsweetened is best)
-1 Tablespoon warm water
-Muffin tins or baby food jars
-Small mixing bowl

1.     Mix the water and drink mix in a small mixing bowl.
     Paint on paper the way you would with any watercolor paint.
     Use different drink mixes for different colors (grape, cherry, lemon, etc.)
     Let paint dry overnight before scratching and sniffing.

Last Revised 7/27/17