Staff Directory
Thornwell School for the Arts
437 W. Carolina Ave Hartsville, SC 29550
"Setting the Stage for Excellence"
OFFICE:  843-857-3090   FAX:  843-383-6043
*Jenkins, Lilkenya (Principal)
Hutson, Brandon(Assistant Principal)
Adams, Tiffany (Other Educational Services)
Bishop, Tiffany (Student Data Manager) 
Black, Rachel (Media Specialist)
Braddock, Kellie (Literacy Coach)
Cafeteria (Lawhorn, Cathy) 
Charleston, Kathryn (Music) 
Curtis, Brittany (Other Educational Services) 
Davis, Cynthia (Bookkeeper/Secretary) 
Dorn, Kerry (Speech)
Fagan, Lisa (Social Worker)
Forte, Denies (4th)
Freeman, Courtney (Nurse) 
Garcia, Sada (2nd) 
Harley, Diana (5th)
Johnson, Sherie (3rd)
Johnson, Stacey (Visual Arts/Magnet)
King, Denis (3rd-Magnet)
Lowe, Lori (Computer)
Matthews, Laura (Psychologist)
McKinley, Patricia (1st)
McConkey, Andrea (Parent Liaison)
McDaniel, Jerushah (3rd) 
Modequillo, Yiva Grace (5th)
Morris, Elisabeth (4th - Magnet)
Murdock, Joceline (Coordinating Teacher)
Nelson, Alicia (Dance Instructor)
Oldland, Ellen (Reading Recovery)
Pressley-Manning, Linda (2nd)
Ridemano, Ronnel (PE)
Smith, Citronella (Guidance)
Suyo, Cristel (5th)
Tampus, Emmylou (1st)
Todd Edwards, Lisaann (5th Magnet)
Wilson, Cassandra (4th)
Wright, Sheila (1st)