Welcome to Thornwell School for the Arts! 
We are committed to providing all of our children an education while assisting and supporting our families as they guide their children on the educational journey.

Important Dates/ Upcoming Events

Please make sure you update your calendar to reflect the make-up days due to the snow we have experienced this year. 

*March 14th we will have class and individual pictures done here at school. Make sure to mark your calendar and contact your child's teacher for an order form if you have not gotten one yet.

*Friday, March 16th students will not come to school and teachers will participate in district wide professional development sessions. 

*March 23rd will be an early dismissal day for students. Please see the district website for dismissal times if you are not familiar with them. 

*SPRING BREAK! It's almost time for spring break- can you believe it?! April 2nd-6th will be DCSD spring break. 

*April 11th report cards will be sent home

*April 16th we will hold our Awards Day Ceremony (1st-3rd @ 8:30, 4th & 5th @ 9:30)

*GET READY! It's time for a math rumble! We have officially kicked off our math rumble and we had many students pass off their first set of facts. Please help your child study each week.If you're not familiar with the math rumble it is a way to get our students to memorize their facts. Each week we will have a math rumble where the students will be able to show their skills and win prizes for passing off their math facts. Students have been given math flash cards to help them practice, make sure you ask your child about their math facts and practice with them at home. 

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent teacher conferences were held earlier this month. If you did not get a chance to meet with your child's teacher please reach out to them. Our teachers love to hear from you and we encourage parents to be involved as much as possible! 

  *If you would like information on Boy Scouts or The Good News Club, please contact the school so we can get that information to you

*We are selling TSA shirts at this time- if you would like to order a shirt for you and/or your child please request an order form from your child's teacher

TSA Families,  don't forget to check agenda books!  You will learn a lot.  If your child says they do not have one,  call the school.  Your child will also bring home gold folder every Tuesday, make sure to check it for important information. 
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Thornwell Rewarded!

Title 1 Reward School of Progress School Nominee
Honorable Mention


Congratulations to Mr. Jason Abraham for being named the 2017-2018 Thornwell Teacher of the Year!!
Mr. Abraham is the Exceptional Education teacher here at Thornwell and his classroom is always full of learning and fun!

This month our Teacher Feature spotlight it on Mrs. Stacey Johnson! Mrs. Johnson is our amazing art teacher and has been at Thornwell for several years. She has helped our students to create masterpieces that have been featured in many district shows and have been displayed all over our school. She is a key player in our play and all the programs that take place throughout the year. Mrs. Johnson is passionate about art and children and bring so much to our school. We love you Mrs. Johnson!

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